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Book description

I am very torn in regards to Aria the Scarlet Ammo. If the whole book were the last sections glorious callback to French pulp literature, which made me incredibly happy, then my review would be five stars with an entire text box full of hearts. Aside from that, it was a fun, but wildly derivative, piece of fluff, stringing together scenes ripped from Hollywood movies and shonen romance manga with a heroine so tsundere that she borders on sociopathic. It wasnt brilliant, but based on that alone, probably would have been worth three stars.Judging by that, Aria should have averaged out to a four star book, but it was severely brought down by one of the most horrid eBook transfers Ive seen in the Kindle store. This book is full of typos, down to Arias name being mispelled as Arai, and sentences randomly thrown in the middle of unrelated paragraphs. Long passages of this book bordered on unreadable, with at least three shorter sections hitting the mark of total incoherence. I was incredibly disappointed in the presentation of this book.Still, however, there are certain literary characters that can get thrown in, complete with their more famous rivals, that can get me to give any piece of junk at least two stars. For a mess like this, the last fourth of the book was fantastic, which won it the two stars. If the translation and presentation was even marginally better, Id be spending the rest of the night reading volume two. As it is, even in my happiest fangirl state of mind, I cant recommend it at all. This was mostly a major disappointment.

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